November 20th is the day I have circled on my calendar. While I haven't worked out all the details, I'm hoping to be flying away on vacation that day. It may or may not happen, but either way, I'm challenging myself to be prepared for that day by dropping a few pounds before then.

With 52 days between now and then, I'm calling this the 50 day challenge. I've decided to take one day off to celebrate my Mom's birthday in October. And I'm not counting November 20th. As of noon that day I will officially be on vacation, and I'm certain there will be chocolate involved on the plane.  But other than that, I'm sticking to the plan. Nothing drastic, just eating healthy, whole foods and moving every single day. Riding my bike, walking, swimming, hitting the gym, something, anything.

Traveling is always more fun when you're feeling good, your pants are a little loose, and you don't even have to think about the pasta and wine you're about to consume for the next week. Plus, I can do anything for 50 days, right?  Right. (I'll check back on November 19th to see if it worked)