Kelly Villa came into the 98 Country studio this afternoon and played her four favorite songs during the 98 Country "My 4@4". Kelly had some great stories to share including a story about her trip to a psychic were she was told she would be in broadcasting one day... WEIRD! Kelly works at St. Cloud Window, but she gave the benefit of the doubt to the psychic, this time, after she came in played her four favorite songs and had some air time on 98 Country. Kelly's four favorites songs went 4.) Chris Cagle "Chicks Dig It" 3.) Easton Corbin (who I think Kelly had a small crush on) "All Over The Road" 2.) Reba "Strange" and Kelly's number 1.) Lee Brice "Four On The Floor". Thanks for coming in Kelly, oh yeah, Kelly won WINSTOCK tickets today too! See you at Winstock, Kelly!