It’s no secret music is a powerful medium. From making us smile, remembering those lost and even bringing back a memory of our own lives. It could be called a miracle in the case of this little old man who literally comes alive when music is played.

If you’ve ever thought that music isn’t a therapeutic way of bringing lifeless patients back to life, you have to see this video.

This little old man is in a nursing home. He’s depressed and basically unresponsive to most people or stimulants – except music. He loves music, always has and now his nurses are putting his type of music into his headphones and he literally comes alive, humming and dancing. He is even able to answer some simple questions after his listening sessions.

This proves that he is remembering something, he’s getting an emotion from the music, he’s getting feelings from the music. If that doesn’t make you want to crank up the radio just a little louder, nothing will!