A Harley Davidson dealer in Illinois did something really cool for a deployed soldier. 

A soldier named Christopher Walters from Genesco, Illinois bought a bike from his local Harley Davidson dealer and he needed to put it in storage while he was deployed. So, he paid the storage fee and put his bike away.

Not long after that, Chrisopher's wife Jamie got a letter back from the dealership with their check enclosed saying that it was their policy to store bikes for deployed soldiers for free. They said it was their honor to store the bike and keep it safe while they are away protecting our freedom. They added that they hope Christopher returns safe and sound and until he comes home, "we will store your bike at no charge".

I think more businesses need to do something like this.

I remember going to a movie once with a friend who had just come home from Afghanistan. The young lady at the ticket window asked if we had any senior citizen or student IDs to use because we got a discount. [OK, first of all, we were both in our 20's and she asked if we had any "senior citizen discounts" we'd like to use. REALLY?!] My friend said, "No, but I do have my active duty military card. Does that work?" She informed us that, no, he did not get a discount. Only students or senior citizens. He said, "That's a shame", paid and went inside.

We here at 98 Country are proud to honor our service men and women with our Veteran of the Month. If you have a special veteran in your life, please share it with us. We would love to make them our next veteran of the month!

Do you know of any businesses that give specific veterans or military discounts?