Every year at graduation, school officials caution attendees not to cheer for their son or daughter. Most of us hold our applause, but some of us can't contain ourselves - especially when it has been a struggle for the kid or it has been particularly challenging to get the kid through school. Or in my case earlier this year - my niece was the first in the family to graduate from college, you better believe I cheered for her.

Shannon Cooper was so proud of her daughter for graduating high school. When her name was read, Shannon cheered. That action landed her in jail and forced to pay a fine.

Is it going too far? Having a parent locked up for being proud of their kid? This is where we are in society that we have to hold our excitement until an appropriate time? To be honest, I think we are forced to contain ourselves way too much. For example, we get listeners all the time calling in and winning and they can't get excited because they don't want their boss to find out they won, or they can't be too excited in the work place. I say phooey. Let your excitement shine, be happy for a change, enjoy life - even in the workplace, at graduation or even at a funeral (and yes, I have been inappropriately loud at a funeral - but that's another story)

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