Like many other schools across the country, Monticello paid tribute to veterans yesterday.  However, they took things a step further than just a normal Veterans Day Program.

I can recall the programs we had in school each year on Veterans Day.  We had teachers that served and took part in the presentation.  Even as a kid I found it to be a very moving experience.  Sure, you can read about wars in a text book but nothing compares to hearing a veteran's story firsthand.

Fast forward almost 10 years (yikes, I really dated myself there!) things have changed a bit.  My sister, Rebecca, is a senior this year and she tells me that Monticello has one of the best Veterans Day programs in the state.  I did some snooping around and found they've opened it to the public, which I don't recall them doing in the past.  She also told me one of the local news stations was out there filming a piece on the program.  I haven't found it yet, much to my disappointment.

Anyway, the picture above says it all.  Students were able to make a donation and in return they received American flags with a ribbon attached to honor a veteran.  Rebecca purchased four -- two for our grandfathers who are deceased and two for friends of our family.  They were able to place them near the entrances of the school for all to see.

The proceeds were given to our local VFW.  I wish they had been doing this when I was younger.  It's a really unique way to donate and show appreciation for our service men and women.  Way to go Monticello!