I'm the queen of Monopoly - just sayin'. But I'm a little nervous my favorite game piece is in jeopardy of becoming extinct since Monopoly has announced it will stop production on the game piece that gets the least amount of votes in an online poll. So go vote to save the shoe, so I'm not left heartbroken! Monopoly isn't my only weakness, I'm kind of a freak for pretty much all board/card games. So on the rare occasion someone is actually willing to play Monopoly with me I can't wait to put my shoe on the 'start' space to kick butt and start building my empire one property at a time.

Monopoly made their announcement about eliminating a game piece via Facebook earlier this week. So you better get online and vote for your favorite if you want it to stay in the game. If you don't have a favorite, go vote for the shoe for me!

Don't worry fellow Monopoly lovers, the piece that is retired will be replaced. The options for replacement include a diamond ring, a cat, helicopter, toy robot, or a guitar. Hmm most of those are actually pretty good replacements.

Apparently this isn't the first time this has happened. Hasbro.com reports a horse and rider, a purse, and a lantern have all been retired from the game in the past.

The results of the online vote for elimination and the final decision for the replacement piece will be announced on February 16th on 'The Today Show' so tune in to find out.