I love television! Seriously, so much so that I have 2 DVR's in my house. But in my defense I don't watch anything live, I DVR everything therefore one is just not enough. Ok, enough about my crazy TV obsession... 'Modern Family' is currently one of my favorite shows and I am not too happy about the spinoff being developed for a yet-unnamed cable channel.

When I say "spinoff on a cable channel" what comes to mind? That's right - reality. The casting team that is responsible for 'Jersey Shore' and 'Millionaire Matchmaker' is currently searching for a multi-generational family to turn into a real-life version of the Dunphy-Pritchett family. Which I think sounds like a horrible idea. I understand that television networks are running out of ideas, but if this really happens, before we know it there will be reality versions of all our favorite sitcoms...If there is a real-life version of Sheldon Cooper ('The Big Bang Theory') I don't want to know about it.