You think buying your mom or dad a gift for their birthday is tough, try being Blake and Miranda!

Think about it, both of them make tons of money, both of them had separate lives up until a couple months ago and both of them have pretty much everything one person would need. So what do you get them? A surprise is never a bad gift!That's exactly what Miranda did at Blake's concert on his birthday. She popped out to sing I Love Rock And Roll then got the crowd to sing Happy Birthday to Blake.

Now this isn't the first time the couple have popped out on stage at each other's shows. I remember hosting Blake at a fair in upstate NY. It wasn't public knowledge that Blake and Miranda were dating. I introduce Blake on stage, then as I'm leaving the stage, I see Miranda come off Blake's bus. I said "Miranda, what are you doing here?" She just looked at me and said "shhhh, you don't see me."

A couple of years later at that same fair, Blake appeared again and this time everyone knew that Miranda was his girlfriend. This time, I introduced Blake, walked back stage and there sat Miranda waiting in the wings. Again we talked and this time she told me that she and Blake show up to each other's shows all the time. When one is working, the other shows up and sings with them.

When Miranda hit the stage to sing Home with Blake, the crowd went nuts. Now it shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone at a Blake or Miranda show when the other walks out on stage. But on your birthday, in a city away from home, being pranked by Brad Paisley and having to work on your birthday, it's always a welcome surprise to have your beautiful bride show up and sing to you - especially if your bride is Miranda Lambert!