On Saturday, Jay and I were invited to a pool party at the home of some friends I grew up with. We referred to it as Joel and Lindy's Polar Plunge in July. As you can see, we made the best of a chilly situation!

When Jay and I moved to Minnesota last September, the weather was great. And since I'm originally from here, I was prepared for just about anything last winter. Except last winter. At least once a week I found myself telling Jay that "this is NOT a normal Minnesota winter. It's not always this bad" and wishing it would soon end. I found out just a couple of weeks ago that he kind of liked the winter we had. Crazy.

So this past weekend, I found myself telling Jay "this is really unusual for July in Minnesota. I don't remember it ever being this cool when I lived here."   I think he's beginning to question the truth. And I'm beginning to think we need to stock up on more long underwear and hats that cover our ears. But, I love being home and reconnecting with some pretty terrific old friends. So I'll take the cold in exchange for memories that are priceless.

And yes, several of the people here DID jump into the pool fully clothed (hats and all) right after we took this picture. I wasn't one of them.