In what strikes me as a classic case of missing common sense, a Minnesota high school student has been expelled for having a pocket knife in her locker. 17-year old Alyssa Drescher says the knife was found during a drug search of lockers at the school. She had used the knife helping with chores on her boyfriend's farm in southern Minnesota.

The United South Central school board has a zero-tolerance policy towards weapons at school, and recommends a 3-5 day suspension with possible expulsion. Drescher has been expelled for the rest of this school year.

I get it, zero-tolerance for weapons. Gotta keep kids safe. Where it gets a little off-track for me is that, shouldn't intent play some part in what makes some things a weapon? I mean a knife is used for lots of things. So are pencils, scissors, and letter openers. All can be used to injure someone. Let's keep it all in perspective.

Alyssa, who accidentally left the knife in her purse, knows that she was in violation of the rules, and feels she should face some kind of consequence. But expulsion? Really? Where has the common-sense gone?

A Facebook page with over 6500 likes has been created to show support for Alyssa (and common sense everywhere).

Come on man!