The team at Zippia has combed through the data and crunched the numbers to determine the most successful states in America, and Minnesota is among the best. In fact, only New Hampshire and Maryland ranked higher on the list. So what does 'successful' mean?

For the sake of this survey, Zippia looked at poverty level, median household income, and unemployment rate. Here's how the top-ten shakes out:
  1. New Hampshire
  2. Maryland
  3. Minnesota
  4. North Dakota
  5. Hawaii
  6. Wyoming
  7. Alaska
  8. Virginia
  9. Utah
  10. Massachusetts

In regards to Minnesota, Zippa says:

The Land of 10,000 Lakes is not only one of the safest (and most beautiful, arguably) states. Minnesota has one of the lowest poverty ranks in the country (the sixth lowest), plus the 10th highest median home income, and the seventh lowest unemployment rate.

You betcha!