Impressive! And with over 1.5 million votes! We knew that Duluth had made the top of the list from Outdoor Magazine's "Best Outdoor Town" contest a couple of months ago, but now they've done it again!

This time it's the "Best Town Ever" contest, and Duluth is number one! And even more impressive, is that after the number two town of Provo, Utah, Minneapolis came in at number three!

People all over the country are shaking their heads. "But it's 20 below there in January, what the heck?"

What they don't know, if they've never been here, is that not only do we embrace winter with every sport possible, but there's so much to do all year long, we can never get it all in.

Minneapolis, for example, has 20 lakes WITHIN city limits. And more than 70 miles of maintained trails. That's just the beginning. So let them laugh at our frostbite and make fun of our hotdish. We get the last laugh with TWO cities in the top 10 most liveable cities in U.S.  You betcha!