You've probably heard that if you take a Mentos breath mint and drop it into a Diet Coke, you'll get a spewing fountain of soda. If you put the cap on, it can turn into a rocket. The second is dangerous and should not be tried at home!

I've always been too lazy to try this - since I will eventually have to clean up the mess. Fortunately for us, there are plenty of people that don't mind cleaning up the mess and have shared their Mentos/Diet Coke videos.

I've picked out my Top 5 Mentos And Diet Coke Videos for you. There are some that show just how dangerous the rocket idea can be and some that are forms of art. Even David Letterman got in on the action!

Here's the guys from MythBusters to explain why and how this happens!

Now, these guys tried the bomb and wound up having to get a new camera!

There are some that take it one step further and involve their own body into the experiment. DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME!

Even David Letterman has gotten into the craze and brought the art guys on to perform on his show!

The simple drop it and let it shoot out is the safest way of doing it. Like the first video, when you try to turn it into a rocket and that's when it can get crazy!

If you are successful, you can even shoot it over your house! You may want to wait when no one is home for this one - I can already hear the windows shattering!

If you do decide to try the Mentos/Diet Coke trick, shoot some video and share it with us! Have fun and always be safe!