After the cold and rainy weather we had this last weekend -- Minnesotans like us would really appreciate a nice warm and dry long holiday weekend. The forecast? Well, the weekend will be long (and warmer), but the the dry part looks a little sketchy.

In the words of Meat Loaf, 'Two Out Of Three Ain't Bad.' Here's how it looks as of this morning:

  • FRI:  Partly sunny, with 20% chance of afternoon showers. High 74˚.
  • SAT:  Mostly sunny. High 72˚. Looks like the nicest day! 
  • SUN:  Partly sunny, with 30% chance of showers & t-storms. High 71˚.
  • MON:  Partly sunny, with 30% chance of showers & t-storms. High 69˚.

Even if there is some rain this weekend, it will be nothing like the total soaker we had last weekend -- instead the most we should see are some spotty showers. Get your grill ready, they will be called into action.

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