As I nervously prepare for a wedding next year, I seem to come across any and everything that has to do with getting married. Brittany and I have a pretty good start on our planning, we have our venue, entertainment, colors, wedding parties decided and... well, ok, she knows everything that has been decided and these are what I can remember.

As we anxiously, but with nerves, prepare for "our big day" (as we heard 27-times this past weekend at a wedding expo) it seems my facebook feed, twitter account, even emails are being flooded by wedding vendors. How did they get all my info? Anyway, the one thing that I read gave me a completely new and fantastic outlook on the journey that is about to begin.

The article I read is called "Marriage Isn't For You", by Seth Adam Smith. Read the article HERE.

Though Brittany is making me happy... I will do everything in my power to make HER happy.