Happy Holidays, indeed.  As if Black Friday shopping at the Mall of America isn't hectic enough, add a guy tossing $1 bills from the top of the rotunda to the mix.

According to an article from WCCO/CBS, Serge Vorobyov was just hoping for a little bit of good karma when he decided to toss $1,000 worth of $1 bills from the top of the rotunda on Black Friday.  He's had some troubles of his own this year and he wanted to try to make the holiday season better for others.

He got the idea from a Geico commercial he'd seen on television and his brother filmed the stunt and posted it to YouTube.

When he sat down with WCCO, he told the reporter he thought it would be funny, but he knew he'd get in trouble.  And get in trouble he did -- for his trouble he received a citation for disorderly conduct and he is banned from the mall for a year.  Somehow I think he'll still make the 'Nice' list this year.