Mother's Day is Sunday and this is me reminding you to at least pick up the phone and call your Mother. Flowers, candy, and gifts are all great, but I know Mom's like to hear "Thanks Mom for all you do" and "I love you Mom" just as much, (breakfast in bed wouldn't hurt though). Here is my gift to all you wonderful Mother's out there.

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    Mama's Song

    Carrie Underwood

    Carrie wrote this song for her Mom just before she married her now hubby Mike Fischer. This is my favorite Mother daughter song.

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    Somebody's Hero

    Jamie O'Neal

    This song speaks to all Mother's out there because every Mom truly is a hero.

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    Who I Am

    Jessica Andrews

    I love this song, even though it isn't just about Mother's I still think it's a very fitting tune for Mom's big day!

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    In My Daughter's Eyes

    Martina McBride

    I love this song because it's from a Mother's perspective but she knows how special she is to her children.

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    Don't Forget To Remember Me

    Carrie Underwood

    This is one of those songs that gets me just about every time. Carrie really knows how to deliver a tear-jerker. But there is so much truth to this song which is what makes it so special.