You've always wanted to be a Big Ten coach. You're tired of seeing Gopher teams come up short. You would have gone for it on fourth & inches. Here's your chance. The University of Minnesota has listed 'Head Football Coach' on their job openings page. Apply today!

The University of Minnesota-Twin Cities, a NCAA Division I institution and member of the Big Ten and WCHA Conferences is in search of a highly qualified candidate for the position of Football Head Coach.

In case you're wondering, some of the duties that the positions requires are:

  • Develop and maintain a competitive intercollegiate football program. (That mus be new.) :)
  • Direct all aspects of football staff in recruiting, practice and game competitions.
  • Plan and execute practice and competition plans.
  • Evaluate and recruit qualified student-athletes to the University of Minnesota.

There's more, but you can see it for yourself when apply HERE. Good luck!

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