While most of the big reality shows and series are wrapping up for the slow summer viewing season, there's one very good USA Network show you might want to catch. At the risk of having to turn in my Man Card, I suggest giving "Royal Pains" a shot. A couple years ago, Kym found this show and became hooked. She would DVR it and watch it when we were home. I'd usually sit on the sofa reading, not wanting to get involved in a "chick drama". Right. The more I overheard, the more interested I became...until I was sitting right next to her each week totally invested in this series.

It's based around 2 brothers who run a 'concierge doctor service' in the very posh Hamptons. What I like about the show is that it's refreshing. People don't usually die. The patients often have some strange medical ailment and Hank, the main character, always gets them through it with help from the supporting cast...which is fantastic. The writing is enjoyably soft but witty, and the continuing story lines bait us from week to week. There's intrigue with Boris, a rich German duke...and of course, lots of personal emotion and drama amongst the weekly show members.

The summer run begins on June 6th. That gives you time to view some episodes from past seasons to get caught up. This is such a breath of fresh air from all that wretched reality TV. I think you'll enjoy the light-heartedness and escapability this series provides. Click here to visit their official page and introduce yourself to Hank, Evan, Divya, and Jill. Heck...even Henry Winkler is part of the cast!