This is a beautiful story that hopefully will encourage others to reach out this holiday season.

Jackie Turner doesn't have a family so she offered to pay a couple $8 an hour to be her folks for the holidays. She grew up as an abused kid who ended up fending for herself. She got into some trouble before turning her life around and going back to school. And now, because of her ad on Craigslist, Jackie will be spending the holidays with many people who stepped up to be there for her. Hopefully this is a whole new beginning for Jackie.

It made me realize that there are many people out there who will be alone for the holidays. Wouldn't this story be even more wonderful if everyone who hears about it takes some time to reach out to someone who would otherwise be alone for Christmas?  Give the gift of your time this season. And teach your children to do the same. It will be a life-long gift that you will never forget.

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