Have you ever tasted something so wonderful that it sticks with you your entire life? For me, it's Lois Seter Brownies. That's what we call them. And they're amazing.



I apologize for not posting the recipe for these brownies. It's a family secret. While Lois Seter isn't technically related to me, she's family just the same.

I had my first taste at age 3. I don't know where Lois came up with this recipe, but thank goodness she shared it with my mom. Over the years, Mom has gotten pretty good at whipping up a pan of these amazing squares of chocolate heaven.

The only problem is that she doesn't make them often enough. And I hardly ever share them. So this plate of brownies that I brought to work is a rare treat for those in the studio this morning. Pete had three of these under his belt before 7 a.m.

Good thing the diet doesn't start until January 1st.

What treat from your childhood do you still love?