One of the coolest groups out there in my opinion is Little Big Town. These guys have harmony that just won't quit. When they cover other artist's songs, they give them a twist that just breathes new life into the song.

I remember meeting these guys when they first started out in Massachusetts at a little bar just outside Springfield. They were doing their radio intro tour and we met for dinner. That night sticks in my mind because I had the most amazing conversation with four of the nicest people I have ever met.

A few years later I was able to introduce them on stage at a local fair. I saw them backstage and once again, they welcomed me with open arms. They brought me onto their tour bus, played me some of their new music and let me take part in their "hands" ceremony before they hit the stage.

I have always said that Little Big Town is this century's Fleetwood Mac - the sounds they produce on stage are unmatched by any other group in music.

Their latest remake of a popular song is the Maroon 5 hit Moves Like Jagger. You may know the lead singer of Maroon 5, Adam Levine. He's one of the judges on Blake Shelton's show The Voice. LBT takes on this pop song that features Christina Aguilera - another The Voice judge - and gives it a country flavor that I prefer to the original.

Take a listen to both and you be the judge. Which version do you like better?