I know I sound like that lame motivational speaker you had in junior high school, but just hear me out.

Eat Breakfast

It has been pounded into our heads that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and it's true. It is. It kick starts your metabolism for the day. Sometimes, mornings are hectic with getting kids on the bus and getting yourself ready. There are sometimes forgotten assignments and lost shoes, and that can add to our stress levels. One way to make it a little less stressful is to make sure we eat the same thing for breakfast every day. I eat a breakfast sandwich with egg whites, reduced fat cheese and turkey sausage every morning. If I forget it, I usually eat a sticky bun or doughnut, so make sure to plan for breakfast and don't make it too fancy.

Drink Coffee

I love coffee. Sometimes I get excited and go to bed at night early because I know when I wake up I get to have coffee. Seriously. I have a problem. But that silky smooth, creamy, hot beverage in my cold little hands feels so good when it's coupled with its sharp, soothing aroma. Doesn't that sound awesome? Now, do that every day. Enjoy whatever you drink in the morning and take time to savor its aroma, flavor and how it makes you feel. You love this beverage. Show it the love it deserves.

Make a List

Now, it's not a "Look-at-all-the-crap-I-have-to-get-done-in-8-hours" list. It's a "Stuff-to-ignore" list. Doesn't that sound better? Make out a list of all non essential duties that can be pushed off. Now, it's not things we don't want to do. It's things that are not urgent and can wait until later to be done. Voicemails you don't really have to return, emails you don't really have to answer, housework that can wait until a less busy day.

Take A Time Out

Remember in Office Space when Peter Gibbons says, "I just stare at my desk. It looks like I'm working but I'm really zoning out." Turns out zoning out is good for us. Just get to a place in your brain where nothing is going on. You aren't thinking about home, work, or your kids. If you can't do that, just listen to some music, play solitaire or watch some TV. Just make sure it's only for a few minutes.