Lee Brice has announced the release date for his upcoming self-titled fourth studio album.

The singer will release the much-anticipated new project on Nov. 3 via Curb Records, he revealed Friday (May 19). The album comes three years after Lee dropped his most recent studio effort, 2014's I Don't Dance.

Brice has just released the album's powerful lead single, "Boy," which details the complicated but fiercely devoted relationship between a parent and a child. Written by Nicolle Galyon and Jon Nite, the emotional ballad is a song that Brice personally connected with immediately as a father.

"We wanted to make 'Boy' our first single for a couple of reasons," Brice says in a press release. "First, [wife] Sara and I have two sons, Takoda [9] and Ryker [3]. This song is a tribute to them. It’s my way of saying how proud I am to be their dad. The second reason is because, coincidentally, we have a daughter on the way in a couple of weeks and we wanted to share this song for our boys before she arrived."

Brice co-produced the new album with Jon Stone, Kyle Jacobs and Dan Friszell, and he says the songs address themes of love, family and hard work.

"Writing this record was a personal and vulnerable experience," he states. "Every song is a snapshot of who I am right now. I’ve labored over every word and every note, and I can’t wait to share it."

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