Country musicians and go-karts can't seem to get along.

First Jake Owen was involved in a go-kart accident that left his hand in question if he'll ever be able to play guitar the same way again and now two more country artists had a go-kart accident.

Lee Brice and Clara Henningsen, one third of the family band "The Henningsens", went to go let off a little steam with Brad Paisley, while in the middle of Paisley's "Beat This Summer" tour, and were involved in a go-kart accident.

Aaron Henningsen, Clara's brother who is also in the family band, said, "She hit Lee Brice. This is like, I'm not kidding 40MPH go-karts and that's a crash."

Like a wise person, they both had on helmets during the fun outing that went horribly wrong and although Lee Brice's helmet was knocked smooth off his head, nobody was seriously hurt.