On sleepless nights, I tend to watch infomercials (no matter how annoying) just to see what they've come up with now. There is a number of items from face creams that apparently can take 10-years of your age, cleaning materials, laser hair removal products, a pan for making the perfect omelet... blah, blah, blah.

I always thought people were suckers for buying products after seeing infomercials... until I saw this infomercial.

Yup, I was now one of the suckers.

After moving from Apple Valley, MN to Luverne, MN... It was hard to stay on a workout schedule because the small town didn't have a gym unless you travel about 35-minutes one way. I was not driving over an hour to workout for an hour. NO.

Then one night I came across the infomercial for P90X and though, "hmmm, I have dumbbells, chin up bar and the space... why not give it a go". So I did just that, I became a sucker and bought P90X and started working out.

This thing really does kick your butt and give you a workout. I did it for the 90-period and had very good results. I've done it a few times now and enjoy it, BUT... I fell for it again.

They suckered me in with a new workout challenge, and that's exactly how I see these workout programs, as challenges. I even get competitive with MYSELF about how far I can before I actually break down. Healthy, not healthy, whatever... it's a challenge.

Starting Monday, November 4th, I will push myself when I try the program "Insanity" for the next 60-days. I just received my copy in the mail, but I actually bought it from a friend for about half price, so they didn't get completely this time.

Is there any product you have ever ordered after seeing an infomercial on T.V.?

Matt Fallon