Are you like me and wait until the last minute to buy your Christmas gifts?  It seems it gets harder and harder to think of cool stuff for everyone on your list.  It's nothing to feel guilty about, I think our lives get so busy we just need a helping hand.

Of course, I always recommend to first GO LOCAL, visit the St. Cloud Are Chamber Of Commerce.  I'm new to the area but my wife and I  have already found many great little stores here with cool ideas for gifts.

However, if you're going shopping online, I found this page called "Giftfinder", it's nothing fancy and it works through Amazon, you just click on the type of person you're shopping for and it gives you some ideas.

Here's another one I found helps you set up a profile and figure out the perfect gifts, it seems pretty easy to use too.  It's called "The Personality Profiler".

There's literally hundreds of others like, Target has a decent one too.  I found was a little more broad and featured items for any occasion and wasn't quite as helpful as some others.

Redbook put a pretty big list of gift ideas here, I found it to be an interesting and extensive list of more unique items.  Gourmet Christmas Baskets is a little more specific but  if you can't think of anything one of these could be a great idea.