Lance Armstrong has recorded his interview with Oprah set to run Thursday on her OWN Network.  According to rumors all over the internet he's going to come out and admit he was doping during his competitive days.

Now the big question is, will everyone forgive him?  Obviously this won't get his wins back from the Tour De France, but maybe more important for him going forward will his public image improve?

We tend to be a forgiving society when people finally come forward and admit their wrong-doings.  Bill Clinton is wildly popular despite cheating on his wife and lying about it during his years as President.   Ray Lewis of the Baltimore Ravens remains popular despite being involved with a homicide over a decade ago (he was not charged with any crime btw).

Baseball has seen similar issues with Mark McGwire, Sammy Sosa, Roger Clemens and many others who are now eligible for the Hall Of Fame.  This year NONE of them were voted in.  And very few of them have admitted to using.

In my personal opinion, I think most Professional athletes have or are using some sort of banned substance.  Obviously I don't know for sure, I'm basing it on my years working at gyms and being around bodybuilders and athletes.  I know competitive people are always looking for an edge and the Health & Fitness industry continues to thrive.

So do you care if he was doping?  Does his work with charities and research override all of this?  If he comes clean he's obviously been lying to the public for years, can you forgive him for this?   Time will tell, but if Armstrong does the right thing and comes clean I believe he will be forgiven and able to maintain his status as a respected public figure.