I have heard so many women say they were tired of their man waiting to ask them for their hand in marriage. I have had a theory on this for years and finally there is a video that proves my theory! For years I have thought that marriage should be taken slow - I mean it is "supposed" to be a life-long commitment between two people that will stand the tests of time. So many people take "I Do" for granted. Now, think back to when you were a kid. You never wanted to commit to anything because something better might be right around the corner. Boys are the worst at this.

Most 6 year old boys are not even remotely interested in girls - most of them have cooties. By age 10, they still aren't real sure about it and by 16 they are interested in girls, but not really planning to be together forever - still keeping an eye out for something better. It is something that is just in our DNA.

Check out this video of these two kids. The little girl says she wants to marry the little boy, he goes off about it. Now age those kids 20 years and the guys will still have the same reaction to a woman saying she wants to get married. (That's why most women just hint around at it. The problem is, most guys never hear the hints!)

The point is ladies need to be patient or your man will have a tantrum!