Brittany and I will be together three years in May. Most of the annoying little quirks either of us had, have probably been worked out, but some of the things on this list are more than likely not ever going to change. For guys, this is life.... and life is great.

This is the top 10 things that women find annoying about guys... and my response to each one.

1. Never admitting you're wrong (this works both ways)

2. Hogging the remote (fair enough)

3. Passing gas in public . . . out loud (ha!)

4. Refusing to multitask (remote in one hand, beer in the other and still able to eat a pizza... multitasking)

5. Snoring (can't be that loud, I never hear anything)

6. Never doing nice things to surprise her (ummm... we're getting married)

7. Not listening (what)

8. Never doing housework (come to my house and see who does the majority of cleaning)

9. Staring at other women (like ladies aren't staring at guys)

10. Constantly watching sports (because knitting is not fun)

Ladies, what other behaviors annoy you that guys constantly do? Comment below.