I always knew Kellie Pickler was sweet but I didn't know that she has a killer sense of humor.

When I went to see Kellie Friday night, I didn't plan on laughing so hard.  She's a sassy girl so many of the intros to her songs held a bit of humor but it was when her husband, Kyle, joined her on stage that things got hilarious.

Kyle, a native of Bloomington, MN, came out and they bickered on stage exactly as a married couple does. They argued about her use of kin -- no one says that around here according to Kyle.  We use the word family.  His parents were in the audience and she did an impression of his mom, which had the whole showroom practically in tears.  Think deep southern accent mimicking Lena.  After, they performed an acoustic version of The Woman I Am.

Kyle produced Lee Brice's hit I Drive Your Truck so he sang that for us.  He's a pretty good singer in his own right.  After his performance Kellie came back out onstage and shared stories of her USO tours and how they met the pilot who flew the soldier from Lee's song back home after he was killed.  It was very moving and inspirational.

She sang a couple more songs off her latest album, including one about her great-grandma called Selma Drye.  I suggest you take a listen to that one!  Kellie also did an acoustic-like set where she sang some of her ballads and it was amazing.

I truly enjoyed her show and I would go see her again in a heartbeat!  I'm thinking she would rock an outdoor show, so I'm going to keep my fingers crossed!