Keith Urban may be on complete vocal rest following his throat surgery, but he's been busy lining up a gig with The Voice.

No, he's not replacing Blake Shelton. Keith confirmed today on his Facebook page that he will be a judge on the newly launched The Voice Australia. Right now there's not much information on this new version of The Voice except for a shell website and a Facebook page.

What will this do for Keith's touring? Probably as much as it did for Blake Shelton's. He'll have to take a little time off for the audition rounds, but will still be able to perform on the weekends. He'll have to take off a bit of time for the actual shows, but will still be able to perform on the weekends. So basically, it gives him something to do in the middle of the week now besides play peek-a-boo with his daughter.

In all seriousness, Keith will probably be very busy since the show will take place in Australia. If he's not touring on that side of the world during the taping of the show, he'll have to make flights back and forth to continue his tour stateside.

Now the only thing I have to figure out is how to beam NBC Australia into my living room!