Some folks think that since a dog has all that fur, they can withstand cold temps outside. But did you know that dogs and cats get frostbite too? It's true! That's why it's so important to make sure your pets are inside on these cold winter days and nights.

If you're cold outside, chances are, your pet is cold too. It might look like they're okay all curled up in cold weather, but they're really trying to stay warm. A great pet owner will make sure that the furry kids are warm and dry and safe from harsh winter weather.

Plus, when your pets are outside, ice and snow can accumulate between your their toes causing irritation and pain. In addition, de-icers that are used to clear roadways, sidewalks and driveways can cause a lot of irritation to their paws. Worse, pets can become ill if they lick these chemicals off of their feet. Prevent these issues by rinsing and/or wiping your pet’s feet when they come in from being outdoors. If possible, purchase pet-safe salted de-icers for your entryway.

Something else to be aware of is antifreeze. It's highly toxic to people and animals. Cats and dogs are attracted to its sweet smell and taste, and will often sample some if left out in a container or spilled on the garage floor. If you suspect that your pet has come into contact with antifreeze, contact your veterinarian immediately. The success of treatment to antifreeze exposure depends on quick action.

If an animal is outdoors on a cold day, it might look for warm shelter under the hood of a car. It can't hurt to pound on the hood before you start the car.

Keep your pets away from ponds and lakes. We hear about people saving animals from frozen water almost daily. Please make sure this situation doesn't happen to you!

And if you have an older pet, the cold can aggravate symptoms of arthritis. Several stores carry heated mats or non electric warm beds that will help your elderly furry friend to be more comfortable.

And finally, please, never be afraid to speak out if you see an animal in distress. If you suspect that a pet is being left outside without warm shelter, report it. You could be the difference in saving that one life. You'll be glad you did!