Did you know that more pets are lost on July 4th than any other day of the year? Here are some ways to keep your furry kids happy and safe this weekend.

1. Leave them home and inside. I know it's fun to take Max along with you to the park. And he loves it, until the fireworks start going off. Then it gets scary. Max takes off and you can't catch him. This exact scenario happened to some friends a few years ago. Fortunately they found their dog, but it was a week later.

2. Close the windows and turn on some noise in the house. Air conditioner, music, TV. We always leave the television and the AC on when we are out on the 4th of July. It seems to help.

3. Give your pets a safe, comfortable place inside. Near a bed with their favorite toys is best. Don't forget to have food and water nearby as well.

4. Make sure all I.D. is up to date, just in case they do make a run for it. If they have a microchip, be sure it's activated.

5. Thundershirts and Rescue Remedy have been helpful with some dogs. Talk to your vet about  both.