My Golden Retriever, Kaycee, loves the water year round but in the summer she can't seem to get enough of it.  In fact, she's resorted to jumping in wherever she can find it!!

The other day she was outside with us and all of a sudden we couldn't find her.  We were running around the yard calling her name but she wouldn't come.  I became a bit concerned because she's been known to go explore the neighborhood and get herself stuck in a culvert.  That's a whole different story!

I walked around the shed only to find her "swimming" in the water trough!  Never mind that the goats, donkeys, horses and cows might want to get a drink, she was just concerned about taking a dip.

She's done this consistently so when it came time to buy a pool for our new ducklings, we got Kaycee her own pool as well.  Now she has her own place to stay cool!!