Ooooh, this is a catchy song! "Time is Love" is the first single from Josh Turner's upcoming album Punching Bag. The video and the reason why the new album is called Punching Bag can be found here.

Josh Turner will release his fifth studio album, Punching Bag, to stores on Tuesday, June 12. He co-wrote eight of the 11 tracks on Punching Bag and according to his website, this is why the album has that title,

The idea comes from one of those days that we all have, where everything just blows up in your face and nothing goes right. I had just had one of those days, and I came home and was standing in the closet with my wife and I unloaded on her about my day. I told her, 'Sometimes I feel like a punching bag, like life is just beating me up.' When I said that, it struck me that it could be a huge song title. So I punched it into my phone and saved it. I held on to it until the right opportunity.