Congratulations to Jonathan Froelich from South Junior High School in St. Cloud. He is an 8th grade teacher who was selected to be our June “Teacher of the Month!” He was nominated by Paige Wittrock , a student of his. Paige had this to say about her teacher;

He has a great way of teaching kids. He knows how to make everything better in his class. He explains stuff by showing short videos, simulations and adventurous labs around the room. He answers every question you have so that you know it well. I do think he is an amazing teacher. He helps all of his students.

Thanks again, Mr. Froelich for being an outstanding teacher to all of your students at South Junior High. Your hard work has definitely been noticed by everyone around you!

Mr. Froelich received cheesecake from Christine’s Sweet Confections, two tickets to Fire On The Rum, 98.1 FM gear, and a beautiful trophy from All Star Trophy. Thanks to The Hideout Bar for sponsoring the 98.1 'Teacher of the Month' program!

If you have an amazing teacher that you’d like to nominate for 98.1’s Teacher of the Month submit their name below!