I'm looking forward to Tuesday night. Not just because there are cocktails involved, but because it will be a fun night out with my favorite morning show partner, Pete.  The only thing that would make this night even more fun, is if you join us!

It's the 98 Country Paint n Party at Brothers Bar & Grill (upstairs) in St. Cloud.

The evening (6-8pm)  includes two hours of class and instruction time, two adult beverages and a shared appetizer.  They will provide all the supplies you need to make a beautiful canvas painting. And, you get to take it home with you!
There will even be an instructor. This is a good thing for me. I'm not very artistic.
It's a great night out with your girl friends and even a fun date night!
Pete and I will be putting a picture of our paintings online to let you vote for who will be the next Picasso.
We're pretty sure this will be a night of laughs, all while learning something new. Join us!
All the details here.