Despite the final score (UST 20, SJU 17), yesterday's first-ever football gate at Target Field was not only an amazing day, but I think the two teams should play their annual matchup their ever season. It was fantastic!

Red and Purple clad fans came together to set an all-time NCAA Division III football attendance record -- with 37,355 in attendance. The old record was set last year with 17,535 attended a game between UQ-Oshkosh and UW-Whitewater.

It was a matchup between two nationally ranked top-ten football teams -- but football was only half the story. It was a purely Minnesota day built on an 87-year old rivalry, good natured (Minnesota nice) trash talking, and 37,000+ people just having fun. It was part football, and part celebration.

What made it unique, is that rarely do you have a large sporting event like that, where the stadium is split 50/50 with fans from both teams. It made for great energy.

Let's play the game their every year. (And Go Johnnies!)

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