I'm sure you have heard of the Make A Wish Foundation before, they have been granting wishes to children with life threatening illnesses since 1980. Every 38 minutes a wish is granted and one superstar has set the bar high, granting a record number of total wishes.

WWE star John Cena has granted a total of 300 wishes and he says "We're just getting started." How cool is that?! He recently hit the milestone when he granted a wish for 7 year old Johnny Littman of Pennsylvania. Johnny suffers from severe congenital malformation and spina bifida.

In Johnny's eyes Cena is a hero, and he got the chance to not only chat with the WWE superstar, but also got photos taken. Cena autographed clothing and other WWE merchandise for the boy and gifted him a video game system.

Cena isn't the only celebrity who has granted large numbers of wishes, Michael Jordan is just behind him with 200, and Kobe Bryant has granted around 100 wishes.

It's one thing when celebrities back charities and foundations with their endorsements and pocketbooks, but it's another when they take the time to actually do something.

Let's hope these wishes never stop being granted.