Jerrod Niemann is going to be in town next weekend for Winstock and I think he should film his video for his new song, Donkey, while he's here.

Here's my pitch to Jerrod -- you've got a song called Donkey and I have donkeys.  Four of them -- Gladys, Pancho, Brandy and Bailey -- and they've all got star power.  They might even be able to give you some sound effects for the video.  This works perfectly!

My donkeys are very loveable and sweet.  Visitors have been able to ride on them and if you bring them food, you'll be best friends for life.  Don't worry they're not picky, they'll eat anything.

We've got plenty of space for you to film and there won't be any time constraints.  When you are all done filming, you can relax and we'll Drink To That All Night!  

Jerrod, just give me a call if you're down with this idea and we'll make it happen!

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