Jerrod Niemann recently released his latest single 'Shinin' on Me' from his upcoming project, and now he has officially given us a release date for the new album, plus a few details about it.

Niemann's second album will be titled 'Free The Music' and you will find it on store shelves October 2nd. And yes, his current catchy single will be featured.

It took Jerrod two years to record the album, but it sounds like it will be well worth the time spent. He chose to use his band on the album instead of studio musicians, which I think is really cool. You will also be sure to hear those brasswind horns that you hear in 'Shinin' On Me' throughout the project, and one of the tracks titled 'All About You' features pop singer Colbie Caillat.

It sounds like Jerrod is really taking some risks on this new album and I'm really looking forward to hearing it.