Jason Aldean has young daughters, Keeley who is 10 and Kendyl who is six, and they each have their own bunks on dad's tour bus. The girls were given free rein to do what they want with their space on the bus.

Aldean said, "Kendyl's is everything Minnie Mouse, and Keeley has peace signs on everything in her bunk. The colors don't match the rest of my bus, but it was their deal. And since they picked it all out, now when they get on the bus, they have something that's really theirs. "

I can relate... a little, with Aldean. When my nieces come up, who are almost five and 18-months old, EVERYTHING becomes pink and girly in the house. Even "princess movies" just before bed.

Aldean went on to say, "It's important for them to come out and give them their own little space. They love getting on the bus. It's like a big slumber party for them."

Like Aldean, I don't mind all the girly stuff that comes along with nieces... and my nephew helps balance it out with sports, wanting to wrestle and watching Iron Man.