It's no secret that one of Jason Aldean's fastest rising songs is Dirt Road Anthem. We have been getting calls left and right here in the studio requesting the song, people went nuts when he played it at Winstock a couple of weeks ago and it is already a Top 10 hit!

One thing that is surprising is the way the very young audience has picked up on it. I can understand the adults - we are the ones that can remember hanging out in a field at the end of the dirt road. We can actually relate to the song.

The fact that they aren't able to relate to the songs lyrics isn't stopping young kids from singing along to it when it comes on 98.1 FM. Check out the videos below of some of the cutest kids you'll find singing along to Jason's latest song!

I've also posted the lyrics to Dirt Road Anthem below. Maybe you could make a video of yourself or your kids singing along to Dirt Road Anthem and send it over to us!