Jake Owen loves being active.

Owen played a variety of sports including golf, which he was going to take up professionally after winning his first tournament at just 15-years-old... but after graduating high school, Owen went off to Florida State University for college where he found wakeboarding.

Wakeboarding didn't go so well for Owen. After an accident on the water, Owen had to have reconstructive surgery and Owen couldn't continue playing the sport.

So there's a theme here, Jake Owen is pretty athletic and adventurous, but seems to get hurt frequently.

Owen latest injury came on go-cart track at 40-miles-an-hour.

Owen was at his buddy's party, who just happens to have a go-cart track, and they we're all racing go-carts that top out at 70-miles-an-hour. Jake was coming into a corner and spun out and flipped his cart. Owen said, "Things like that just happen to me"... "I was like, 'What the ... ?"..."But I just stood up, and everybody was like, 'Whoa, whoa, whoa.' Because they saw me flip on my head and then flip back over. So I was like, 'I'm fine, I'm fine.' But then I was like, 'God, my hand hurts.' Then I looked at my hand and the glove was just disintegrated. After seeing that, I was in shock."

Owen was rushed to the ER and then flew back home the next morning where he had surgery and the doctors basically, "put my fingers back on. I have 40 stitches, from the interior out. I shattered my fingers -- the bones inside. The doctor said it was like taking a cinderblock and dropping it on your hand. Like it spider webbed the bones inside my fingers."

Everybody was coming up to Jake and saying things like, "sorry you can't play guitar anymore". That was the very least of Owen's concerns.

Jake's main concern was his wife and young daughter, Pearl. Owen wondered, "Am I gonna be OK for my wife and my little girl?"... "I can't even hold Pearl right now. That's the worst part about it. I could care less about guitar."

Owen just wants to be able to take care of his family, guitar and everything else falls off the list of things great in life when it comes to his family.

Owen should be able to find out in EIGHT weeks if he'll ever be able to bend his fingers the same or not.