I've been wracking my brain trying to remember any Facebook posts that I might want to keep hidden forever. Maybe one or two, but no more. Like the political rant from someone I may or may not have un-friended comes to mind. I usually ignore those posts, but this one sucked me right in, and my comments are forever on Facebook. Ugh.

For the past six months, a select group of Facebook users have had a chance to try out the site’s hyped “Graph Search” function. For those unfamiliar with it, Facebook’s Graph Search function is kind of like a regular search function, only more complicated. But the bottom line is that it indexes everyone’s public posts, likes, photos, interests, etc. to make them as easy as possible for everyone else—from friends to exes to cops to advertisers to your boss—to find.

Some call it a privacy nightmare. And what's been seen, can't be un-seen. However, right now you can change your Facebook privacy settings and at least cover up a few things you might want to keep a little more private. Here's how to do it:

  1. Go to your privacy settings and check who can see your future posts and past posts.
  2. To hide individual posts or likes, click "Use Activity Log" and scroll down through your history, editing the privacy settings for each one as you go.
  3. To check who can see your profile information, go to the About page on your profile and click the "edit" button next to each category.