I am a huge fan of 80's movies, because, well, that's what we watched when we had sleepovers.  I just realized today was a very important day for Bender, Clark, Brian, Allison and Claire. 

I hated slasher movies and so did my friends, so John Hughes films basically took over when we were planning on watching a movie at a sleepover.

Today was the day The Breakfast Club met for detention.

Johnny Bender, Andrew Clarke, Brian Johnson, Allison Reynolds and Claire Standish walk into the library at Shermer High School in Shermer, Illinois at 7:06 am, Saturday, March 24, 1984 as strangers. They go home that afternoon leaving a letter to Principal Vernon signed, "The Breakfast Club."

I know the film line for line, and just for giggles, I went back and watched the trailer. Check it out: