Am I the only one who thinks that It seems like storms always miss the St. Cloud area? I'm a huge lover of severe weather, and I always get bummed out when we get skipped over. I pay pretty close attention to the weather radar, and the other night the storm literally split up when it got to St. Cloud. It was the strangest thing, and definitely not an anomaly because it seems like it happens all of the time.

Some of my Facebook friends have also noticed that it seems like severe weather always misses us--and it has got many of us questioning why that could be.

I've heard a variety of theories about this phenomena--some of them are strange and some of them seem like they could be legit!

  • One theory is that the granite has something to do with breaking up storms.
  • I've heard that there's actually some sort of ancient curse on St. Cloud.
  • There's a conspiracy theory out there that it actually has something to do with the spraying of "chem trails."
  • The St. Cloud area has too many buildings, so it prevents wind from gaining too much strength.

Like I said, some of these could be legit, and some of these theories seem extremely unlikely. I can't be the only one who thinks that storms are allergic to the St. Cloud area. Have you noticed it too, or am I just crazy?