I have Facebook friends who update their statuses with every little thing they're doing. Going to the mall, taking a bubble bath, sleeping...seriously?  Do you think I, along with the rest of your Facebook friends and Twitter followers, care about all this stuff.

Give me a break -- if I were updating every single thing I did in a day I'd never get anything done.  I'm finding myself removing people from my news feed because I don't care they're going to the spa or running errands.  Maybe their mom cares, but I don't.

I know it sounds harsh, but honestly what is the point in updating people on every little detail of your life?  Share it with the people you're closest with, not with your social media friends.  Now, if you're doing something cool -- share away.  Give me something that makes me think "wow, that sounds like fun!"  Or something like that.

What do people post on social media that really irritates you?